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About us

Meet our team

  • Our team in Paris on the peniche on la Seine

  • Our team in Marseille with the view on the Notre-Dame de la Garde

  • Our team in Barcelona on the sunny rooftop

  • Originally from Marseille, Jérémy is 32, married and has 3 children. Before setting up Click&Boat, Jérémy took over a company in difficulty and turned it around, while studying at the Dauphine business school, before becoming an M&A consultant. It was here that he met his future partner, Edouard Gorioux. From a traditional office in La Défense to a barge, the step was taken. Click&Boat now serves a community of over 300,000 boaters worldwide.


    CEO & Cofounder

  • Her main mission since her arrival in May 2019? To make every Click&Boat business unit a dream team. Having spent 10 years in Lille and with a background as an employment law lawyer and HR development officer in her luggage. Tiphaine never loses her bearings. Following on from her 4 years of experience in various media companies as HR manager, she now maneuvers the Click&Boat boat into port. With her unfailing rigor, she manages recruitment to support growth, career development plans, training and payroll for the 3 Click&Boat offices, always attentive to the needs of each employee. She is supported by Julie, Clara & Paul on recruitment and office matters, as Click&Boat continues to recruit in large numbers. See you soon on board!


    HR Manager

  • Sailing, cruising, regattas, kitesurfing, fishing, surfing - Alexandre is passionate about the sea. After a first experience in London in a startup, it's very natural that he registers on Click&Boat in 2015 as one of the first users. Won over by the service, he sent in his CV and joined the adventure. After 3 years in direct contact with users in Sales, he moved closer to development and design, to better guide the platform's evolution. He now leads a team of 8 people (PM/PO, designers and QA) working closely with the developers to improve the product. When he's not busy in a workshop with a team or immersed in user feedback on a new feature, he never misses an opportunity to take a boat trip or go fishing from the barge.


    Head of product

  • An exciting professional journey, sailing of course. An enthusiast since childhood, used to sailing on Lake Garda and with his family in the Mediterranean, Edoardo has been part of the Click&Boat adventure since 2018. Originally from Italy, he dropped anchor after studying business management in Italy, the UK, India and France. From neo-intern in 2018 to current head of the Italian and Spanish sales teams based in Marseille, the climb has been inspiring. It has led him to give 200% to managing his teams, recruited and trained to offer boaters the best possible commercial experience, while developing the company's presence in the two countries concerned, which are priorities in more ways than one.


    Lead of Sales

  • Self-taught and passionate about programming languages since the age of 14, Florian leaves nothing to chance. Here's the first employee in the Click&Boat epic, who arrived on a work-study scheme in 2014. His desire for excellence is put to good use, with a major & daily obligation to have a high-performance site, to keep pace with the company's growth. A pillar of the company's IT development, he officiates as Lead Developer. Florian wears many hats. Development of new back/frontend functionalities. IS infrastructure management. Re-reading and validating code, but also deciding on stack improvements and priorities with the CTO, for the long-term vision. A position as key as this company history, always ready to set sail on an exciting new project.


    Lead Developer

  • The opportunity presented itself in 2020. A sailing enthusiast who grew up close to the ocean, Guillaume seized the opportunity to combine passion & use the skills developed during his previous experiences. Click&Boat's CMO is steeped in the nautical world, as a former sailboat owner who converted to rental - for greater variety - and freed himself from maintenance constraints. His pronounced taste for numbers and communication has been the common thread running through his career. He began by studying statistics, then marketing, before moving up a gear: 4 years in a performance marketing agency, then 5 at Deezer, in charge of offline & CRM digital campaigns. As CMO, he orchestrates all marketing activities, from the acquisition of new users to their engagement and loyalty.


    Chief Marketing Officer

  • Whether he's tackling the SaintéLyon (78km night-time ultra-trail) or a prioritization dashboard for Romain's Supply team, Victor always ends up reaching the finish line with all his objectives met. He heads up Click&Boat's Data team, of which he was a founding member. This long-distance enthusiast took to the open sea after, among other things, completing assignments for renowned French companies such as Keolis. As a builder of data architecture, he ensures that the BU's have the information and indicators they need to make decisions, with an optimum level of reliability, and the right timing (reporting, analysis). It's a meticulous job, in keeping with his engineering school in Paris, followed by a Master's degree in London.


    Data Manager

  • Olé! Alice is at one with Hispanic culture. M1 in bilingual business law (FR/ES/Latin-American). After a year in Madrid, she switched to M2 International Commerce, specializing in the Iberian and Latin American areas. Current Sales Leads for Spanish company Nautal, acquired by Click&Boat in summer 2020. Her permanent smile gives an extra boost to her colleagues at the Barcelona office, which she joined after climbing the ladder one after the other: end-of-study internship, first permanent contract (as Sales Executive Spain), market manager Spain then Spain/Portugal/LATAM and now head of an international team of 20. Management, training, structuring, new processes, analyses: everything is put in order to manage these strategic markets with a master's hand.


    Sales Lead

  • A Parisian by heart, birth and football, Romain is no less a nautical expert in his own right. Co-founder of the private boat rental platform Sailsharing, acquired by Click&Boat at the end of 2016, he decided to continue the adventure by creating the Supply team on his arrival to manage the supply side of the site, which has become the global benchmark for renting a boat. Owner acquisition and account management are the two pillars of activity of his multicultural team, comprising 25 people on deck from Barcelona. Romain is also overseeing Click&Boat's development in new markets such as Brazil and the United States, the latter encompassing over 10 million boats in a fleet unrivalled anywhere else in the world.


    Head of Supply

  • The Finance Operations Manager hat suits Victoire, a graduate of emlyon business school (Grande Ecole program) after an ECS preparatory course at Stanislas. She's been writing her job description year after year, from her debut at Click&Boat in July 2018 on a fixed-term contract as Assistant CFO (after an initial management control internship at Club Med), to now overseeing all of the group's operational financial flows. Her scope now includes managing an international team based in 3 different offices. This "cash keeper" underlines the great trust placed in those who want to come on board.


    Finance Operations Manager